Timster (2018)

Learning Media Competency with Timster and Peak Performance Apps

For a series of special episodes of the media magazine Timster, the Peak Performance Apps GmbH developed an impressive voting platform for the young viewers.

KiKA’s weekly aired magazine Timster sets itself the goal to teach the young audience about the responsible contact and use of apps and the Internet in general. The Peak Performance Apps GmbH gave support for four special episodes between the 24th and 27th of September.

The audience faced three questions per episode surrounding one specific internet-related topic. The range of topics included YouTube and the way of usage of the video platform, experiences made with smartphones and how they are handled in schools, group chats in various social networks as well as gaming and appropriate terms of use. This multifarious online survey was made possible by the high-performance voting web application developed by the Peak Performance Apps GmbH.

With this web-based voting tool, the Peak performance apps GmbH succeeded in involving the young audience immediately into the TV event. Thereby, the series’ topic was positioned in a relevant context and initiated an important sensibility for the Internet and its many forms of usage.