Spiel für dein Land (2015 – 2016: Staffel 1) (Play for your country)

Spiel für dein Land

With the application for the first season of the ARD, SRF and ORF primetime show „Spiel für dein Land“ we prove that TV-synchronous, interactive applications also can be successfully integrated across national borders in the broadcast mechanism.

Within the scope of the new TV show „Spiel für dein Land“, moderated by Jörg Pilawa, the three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland compete against each other in an exciting land competition. Via the application, up to 100 million potential TV spectators have the possibility to take part live in the broadcasting and to support the celebrities of their country actively with their knowledge via application or web application.

The developed application is available for the operating systems iOS, Android as well as Windows Phone. For the first time in the TV segment, there is also the opportunity to play along with a peak performance capable application on the website of the show – a new and innovative form of the spectators’ participation. Microsoft Azure as underlaying cloud service represents the spine of the IT infrastructure for the applications as well as the back-end, to ensure a maximum of availability and performance.

Within the scope of the European multi data centre implementation, the application results adapt themselves seamlessly into the program and the results, and also ensure a thrilling head-to-head race between the countries in real-time as well as a surprise or two in the broadcasting.