Quizduell Live & Olymp (2018)


Be a part of “Team Germany” and win with “Quizduell”

The new, interactive module in our ARD Quiz App enables ARD spectators to influence the popular TV show’s live events.

The format “Quizduell im Ersten” presented by Jörg Pilawa combines a popular TV Show with one of the most successful mobile trivia games. In its fifth season, “Quizduell” is now part of the ARD Quiz App which combines all popular ARD Quiz formats in a single application.

With “Quizduell”, spectators cannot only quiz while watching the show on TV, but they can influence what happens on TV: by voting for the category and answering the questions, the spectators become part of “Team Germany” and support their team captain. And that’s very well received by the audience: each evening, together with their team captain the highly motivated spectators participate via the ARD Quiz App and challenge celebrities. If they win, the captain shares the prize with 10 lucky app users.

However, not only the “Quizduell im Ersten” promises fun and excitement: in the additional “Quizduell Olymp” shows, celebrities compete against the “Olymp” which consists of three true trivia experts. In this format, spectators can answer questions from 27 distinct categories as well and win a prize if the “Olymp” beats the celebrities in the studio.