Quizduell im Ersten (2016: Staffel 4)

Quizduell im Ersten

The ARD prime time quiz show „Quizduell im Ersten“ with Jörg Pilawa already runs in the fourth season in 2016. The game idea is based on the FEO media application and contains that the users of the application compete against friends or unknown challengers in different categories, which will be broadcasted live on TV. Under the motto "We beat Germany!" a team competes live in the TV studio against the users of the ARD application.  Anyone who has installed the application on the smart phone or tablet can play as a team member of Team Germany and compete against the team in the studio. The only requirement is the successful installation of the FEO media application and/or the “Quizduell im Ersten" application as well as a successful registration. We have implemented the TV-accompanying application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as a high-performance control centre back-end.