KiKA Weltreise Deutschland (2017)

KiKA Weltreise Deutschland (2017)


Peak Performance Apps supports the big final of KiKA’s entertaining documentary “Weltreise Deutschland” (“Trip around the world”) with a hands-on web option for the audience.

The show series “Weltreise Deutschland” offered the young TV-audience the opportunity to get a revealing insight into Germany’s cultural diversity. The end of this exciting documentary was celebrated with a final live quiz show on the 24th of November 2017. Two teams, supported by various celebrities in the TV studio, faced tricky questions posed by the hosts Ben and Jess. Each correct answer brought the candidates closer to their goal: Winning some financial aid for a benevolent project of their choice.

During the live show, the viewers had the chance to answer selected questions and give proof of their knowledge, too. This was made possible with a special web application. With this feature, the audience’s decisions were incorporated into the ongoing live show.

With the developed web application, the Peak Performance Apps GmbH has succeeded to include the audience directly into the TV-happenings and to make the show-experience even more fascinating.