A Question of Justice – Viewers answer via the ARD Quiz App

Within this year’s ARD Theme Week, the question of law and justice was the focal point of attention. The Peak Performance Apps GmbH enabled viewers of the programme to give their opinion about a specifically intricate situation via a module in the ARD Quiz App.

The episode of the popular police series Großstadtrevier which was aired on the 12th November 2018 was not only the kick-off for 18 brand new episodes. Furthermore, it was a special item on the programme and central element of the ARD Theme Week of Justice.

For the first time in the hit series’ history, viewers could actively participate in deciding the ending of the aired episode. Within this event episode, the audience was invited to think about the fine line of justice and law as well as the problems this separation might imply. Their final decision about the just outcome for the episode were given by call or via the specifically developed module in the ARD Quiz App.

With the comprehensive deployment and successful implementation of this voting possibility, the Peak Performance Apps GmbH was again successful in demonstrating how seamlessly interactive application modules can be incorporated into quiz formats as well as series and how they complement the entertainment experience.