Gefragt Gejagt (2018)

Gefragt Gejagt


Starting the seventh season of “Gefragt- Gejagt” (German version of The Chase) viewers are now able to compete with the TV-Chasers in thrilling duels from their homes.
Will you be able to escape our professional Quizzers?

Each evening four Contestants take on the challenge against the, so called Chaser, to win in up to three Quiz-Rounds. Only the ones who succeed to defend the money earned in the qualification round during the Head-to-Head round are qualified for the Final Chase. Here the remaining Contestants must prevail as a team against the Chaser, not only to win the Chase but to take the money home.

Since the 23rd of April 2018, not only four Contestants in the Show hosted by Alexander Bommes are able to compete against the Chasers, furthermore the viewers are now able to face the Chasers themselves whenever they want in the newest installment of the “ARD Quiz App”. Users are able to test their knowledge with real questions and can play through show like content. Unlike on TV during the final round the player is the chaser. The user must catch the Chaser to win the game.

For the first time ever, users have the opportunity to qualify as contestants directly by using the “ARD Quiz App”. By competing and passing the “Bewerbermodus” (Contestant Mode) and some luck they can face the Chasers directly on TV.