Eurovision Song Contest (2013)

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20x Top 3 Overall

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As an exclusive voting partner, we also support the European Broadcasting union (EBU) with the Eurovision song contest for the fourth time this year – with the official second-screen application for the live events. The peak loadable "Eurovision" application is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows and is based on a high performance back-end.

In the fulminating TV event with up to 200 million spectators and participants from 39 different countries worldwide, the spectators can vote by phone call, SMS and application fast and uncomplicated for their favorites.

High performance systems for a quick processing of peak performance votes during a huge event are the central key performance indicator. Besides, the application has proved its efficiency in 2013 in 188 countries worldwide once more.

The application, which is available in seven languages, shortens the waiting period to one of the biggest and most popular TV events worldwide with its numerous functions. The official "Eurovision" application accompanies the spectator live during the show and delivers a number of background information about the participating artists, the lyrics to the respective performance and their homelands TV-synchronous.

The application is completed by a number of features which can be used in particular before and after the event – for example the matchmaker, Eurovision Selfies or the music store.