13. September 2016


Conception & Specification

You have a good idea for an application, but you do not know, how to implement it? We will help you with pleasure to develop a sophisticated concept to your idea and implement it gradually. Besides, we draw on our experience with successful second-screen applications and we develop together the exact specifications in creative and requirements workshops to lead your idea to success.


Whether you would like to incorporate your own design proposals, to take over an existing design or still have no clear idea of how your application should look like - our team with highly specified user interface designers and graphic designers ensures that you can be completely satisfied with your application. Besides, all desired operating systems – iOS and Android – can be implemented for the smart phone and tablet. There is also the possibility to develop and optimize a peak loadable application for browsers like Chrome , Firefox , Internet Explorer and Safari.

Starting with the creation of the first wireframes through to the development of high-resolution graphics, we ensure a consistent and intuitively usable application.


Frontend & Backend

In close collaboration with you, we develop a functional detailed concept containing all specifications of your application. On this basis, the technical implementation of your application will be accomplished. Besides, we are also responsible for the conception, development, implementation and the management of the solution component and its dependencies. We understand the development achievement not only as a pure programming logic, but rather as a holistic service construct that is designed for peak performance, redundant and fail-safe technology.


As part of the quality assurance different tests are already carried out in parallel with the development of the application. Therefor, special user scenarios are defined, test procedures are drafted and continuously are optimized. Besides test protocols are written and manual as well as automated tests are carried out. To be able to guarantee an optimal usage of your application, comprehensive End-to-End tests are carried out along the whole value chain.



To ensure the smooth running from the idea through to the finished application, a project-covering project management as well as a technical project manager stand by your side. We take over the project planning, the coordination and control between all parties and maintain all essential requirements, budgets, landmarks and deadlines at a glance for you. In addition, we document the whole project clearly and send you all important documents and information in a contemporary way. Of course we are available in content and technical questions around the clock.


As part of the deployment of the application, we offer a range of different support services.  Within the scope of TV-synchronous live applications, an application operator and application supervisors stand by your side at rehearsals and live shows with pleasure. If required, we gladly create broadcast-specific campaigns for push notifications and social media together.